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When starting a business, you have a Facebook page and a new website; but now what?

You need clients and the experience we have gained from entrepreneurship is priceless. Starting a business is only the beginning of an exciting and unpredictable ride. In order to get you going, we will crack you open and reform you into the best version of yourself. You don’t have to do it alone.

We know that the path of starting a new business can be challenging, slow, and fraught with expensive mistakes. Your early decisions have a huge impact on the future of your business. Imagine how much peace of mind and confidence you’ll have being able to discuss your options with a deeply experienced business coach.


With the assistance of our intuitive insight into your business, this package will help you clarify the specific issues confronting you and will include a detailed plan of what’s to come in the days or weeks ahead. You will be provided information on potential timelines; Imagine how helpful that can be in predicting your business’ highest potential.

We are dedicated to supporting your process while teaching you the tools to move confidently forward. Our teachings are filled with compassion, love and the understanding for all aspects of you and your business during this time of transformation. We will assist you in bringing your vision into reality by giving you the coaching that you require in the present moment. Learn to master your fears while staying true and in alignment with your goals.


This 6-month program includes a 90-minute session, once a week as well as:

  • Email Support

  • Website Guidance

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Business integration

  • Discovering your strengths

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