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When Nicola and Baz first met in this Universe, they immediately recognized themselves as Divine Sparks. Baz had paused on his global healing tour to be introduced to Nicola at a Los Angeles restaurant. Four days later, they began their long-distance relationship when he took a flight to Australia to continue his divine mission. The two were reunited in Los Angeles a few months later… two angels rejoined in the City of Angels! Their bond feels divinely blessed and guided. Working with these two individuals as one entity has had global impact. They each have their unique purpose, presence and gifts, but when given the opportunity to experience them together, you can sense energy medicine moving to a whole new level.

Nicola is an empath who uses her gift of sight, feeling, and intuition to get to the truth of any matter quickly and efficiently. The attunement of energies and frequencies quickly becomes apparent when working around her. She integrates her background in psychology while incorporating her divine gifts into her holistic energy medicine. 

Baz, with the ability of foresight and hindsight, uses his skills to predict timelines with a complete balance of energy. He is a direct divine channel who has the ability to personally incorporate Angelic Beings and physically change his features. He has performed psychic surgeries, healing many physical manifestations such as cancer, eye issues, severe spinal cord injuries, black mold infections, and emotional trauma. He also has the ability to clear negative entities and attachments from people and buildings.

Together, Baz and Nicola make a cosmic team. Both have made an agreement with each other to serve humanity. This is reflected in their efforts to use their gifts to support a collective in addition to their individual clients. They do this by holding day-long seminars which offer both healing work and teaching. They support business leaders by guiding them into a clearer perception and understanding of what is to come. To this end, they also offer corporate motivational talks, highlighting the need for more effective communication between management and staff in order to build stronger relationships for a brighter business future and healthier planet. They both have dedicated themselves to the global effort to awaken humanity. Baz and Nicola are now ready to serve you and your company; be it big or small.

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To book a service you must be the age of 18 or over. Divine Light Healing holds the right to refuse services, Results may vary. 48 hour cancellation/reschedule policy is required. No refund if made less than 48 hours.Disclaimer: The intent of this website is to share information based on the knowledge, opinions and experiential beliefs of Baz Porter & Nicola Stockberger(unless otherwise noted). Testimonials reflect the experience of the respective author. You are encouraged to make all health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional.

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